Pictures taken in „The Land Down Under“

On this page, I‘ve listed a gallery about every part of my Australian voyage. Beginning in Sydney where I spent 8 weeks in a language school, followed by the second part of my adventure - i.e. WWOOFing - which is documented in the next four galleries and last but not least, the trip through the Australian outback that I took with my Swiss friend. You may notice that our trip ends abruptly. This had to do with me accidentally breaking my camera.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these phenomenal photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them.

„Australia - The Land Down Under: Rugged, remote, inhospitable and dangerous; home to 20 million kangaroos. But there is one who's more elusive and clever than all the rest - and his name is Kangaroo Jack.“

This is the introduction to a movie called „Kangaroo Jack“ from the year 2003. Without suggesting that this movie was a highlight in the eternal cinematographic history, it quickly became one of my favourites as it dealt with a very appealing topic: Australia!

Like many people around the world, I‘ve always been intrigued by this fascinating country - a country full of extremes and with a bunch of inhabitants speaking the most cheerful English accent ever heard.

This was the country I was about to see when I booked my plane ticket from Zurich to Sydney in November 2004. Even though I‘d have to wait more than half a year for the trip, I scarcely could wait for it. But as you probably know, anticipation is the greatest joy - especially if you‘re looking forward to a trip to Australia.

So what was this whole fuss all about? First things first: In August 2004, I graduated from high school and was about to go to college, but as most of the young, vibrant, primising male Swiss citizens (and a couple of female as well), I had to quit free life for 21 weeks in order to serve my country.

After 21 weeks of deactivating my mind, I finally had to do something thought-stimulating to prepare for college. My first choice was going abroad for a language course combined with a trip to the countryside. Destination: Down Under!

Up to now, I‘ve never been abroad alone - in any case not this far away from home. So this was going to be my first trip to a remote country where I could savour my newly attained freedom to the fullest.

Come on and join my trip to this extraordinary country on this virtual tour through my picture galleries!

Vacation in Australia