The first part of my Australian trip took place in Sydney, NSW. I was enrolled at a language school for eight weeks where about two thirds of all students were Asian. I don‘t mean this disrespectfully - I was just amazed by the intercultural ambience of Sydney life. But almost everything else about Sydney is also astonishingly different from any European city. Take the shopping mall at Bondi Junction for example where you can take a trip through the whole world‘s different cuisines under one roof! And all nationalities in Sydney (according to wikipedia, Sydney has the seventh-largest percentage of foreign-grown individuals in the world) combined with the easy way of life (take all the surfers who go for a surf before working everyday!) make this wonderful city amazing to live in.

The following pictures will give you an impression about these eight weeks I enjoyed so much.


1. Sydney 19.6.2005 - 14.8.2005